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Ibrahim Pasha's life pargali

Parga Greece Greek coastal town as the son of a fisherman opened the eyes of the world. Historians crosses paths with Solomon sancakbeyi Manisa authors in various ways. The ability to speak the language very well and violin on a couple of Abraham Solomon draws the attention of the prince's palace, and Pargalı Saruhan slave starts to work as per falconer.

In 1520, Selim I. 'throne after the death of Solomon came to Istanbul with. Abraham Solomon, has now been re Pargalı keepers. Made in 1521 in Belgrade at a Time "door" Chieftain served. Solomon took the side of the conquest of Rhodes. Piri Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha on the statutory dismissal by the seigneur and Rumeli is the new slavery. A rotation of Greek origin in the Ottoman Empire to be the second man has created great consternation. However, the "decree of the sultan, the authority of Abraham" was. Pargalı sister Hatice Sultan Suleiman Ibrahim Pasha by marrying the star continues to shine. Now he is; Vizier Ibrahim Pasha. By enemies "Mediocre, Ibrahim Pasha, referred to as". Some historians "Traitor Ahmet Pasha" issued by the uprising in Egypt, the Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha, the Beylerbeyi have a new suppressed with the title of the author. However, Ahmet Pasha Ibrahim Pasha screw a traitor by his own men while on the road yet. 1526'daki Square, the palace of the Hungarian campaign, Istanbul, sculptures, these sculptures demonstrate At the time dizziness and Figanî'ye poet;

"Abraham Amed be-Deyr-i Cihan Button

But-but-Sike's close proximity to Sud's close proximity to April "

(Cihan sanctuary has two Abraham / One put the hammer toes and the other was put in), but ultimately Figani prints of this couplet couplet pays to get hurt.

Second Hungarian expedition "Serasker Pasha" was awarded with the title. 1533'deAlman expedition, expedition in 1534 Irakeyn Treasurer attended and run-ins with Alexander Çelebi was executed.

Attended the dinner on the evening of March 15, 1536 was invited by the Sultan, the Topkapi Palace. Then Suleiman is said to have retreated to his room close to the office. According to some rumors, while asleep by Kara Ali's head separated from the hangman, who is rumored, the royal family was due to end his life by drowning is deemed holy blood. Last is the title of "the deceased Ibrahim Pasha" was. Ibrahim Pasha, who was the most powerful of the Ottoman Empire during the Ottoman State veziriazamlık a tombstone to be quite interesting, even if yazdırmaması. Because clearly the place of burial is unknown to the pasha.

Seen as legal by the bosom, numerous titles, the authority awarded the Damat Ibrahim Pasha was murdered cause if the future;

Treasurer Alexander claimed to be unfair Chalabi Damat Ibrahim Pasha's execution caused a change in the course of life. Board meetings and conventions common to show himself to strangers discourses present in the palace of the Süleymaniye teasing his conversations with an expression that contains the "Turk" to address, since the choice of Mustafa to put his son because of the "Hürrem by" sevilmemesi, Ibrahim Pasha Venice docuna addressed letter containing his rhetoric against Turkish Barbaros said and given by the sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent had given "Serasker Pasha," title "Sultan Serasker as" use, that it has obtained from the first that comes to mind to arouse suspicion of power causes Suleiman the Magnificent.

To sum up all these developments in the Ottoman Empire element turns out to be damaged. Who reigned during this period peaked empire on three continents, the transfer of power has become such a super location, but could not keep it. Some of the reasons the state incompetence displayed in the selection of managers, the sultans, the second is men who lived around the anxiety and even panic about controlling the power of the state to take the right path into uncharted waters caused the route.

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